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        Security Solutions

        Comprehensive Quality Security Service Solutions

        A plane taking off

        FirstLine Transportation Security is a leading provider of a broad array of security guard/screening services and technical/administrative security support services to the federal government and related commercial partners.

        FirstLine also provides high quality, customer-focused airport security screening through the TSA’s Screening Partnership Program.

        FirstLine’s mission is to deliver customer-focused, high quality and dependable security solutions as an integral part of America’s homeland security and defense. We are part of the first line of defense of government and commercial critical infrastructure needs. Our focus is on contributing to government solutions in protecting and securing our most valuable assets: Personnel, Property, and Information.

        CONTACT US

        Main Office

        7135 Charlotte Pike - Suite 100
        Nashville, TN 37209
        phone: 615 399 1839
        fax: 615 399 1438